Laboratory Tour

We will hold laboratory tour events.


Welcome Party

We held an end-year party at Bar Niku-Sushi in Ooimachi.


Welcome Party

We held a welcome party for newcomers at the communication space of the fifth floor.


New members

We welcome new members, Emanuele Bugliarello (researcher) and Ayumi Sato (staff).


Tokyo Tech Festival

Thank you for joining our exhibition in Tokyo Tech Festival!


New member

We welcome a new member, Sho Takase, as a postdoctoral researcher of this laboratory.


New members

We welcome new members, Ayana Niwa (MSc student), Zhishen Yang (MSc student), Sam Vijlbrief (ACAP student from Delft University of Technology), Kevin Lee (ACAP student from University of Washington).


Tokyo Fireworks Festival

We went to Tokyo Fireworks Festival with laboratory members and their friends.


Laboratory tour

We made an exhibition of our laboratory in the Open Campus of Tokyo Institute of Technology.


Senior Scientific Research Specialist

Okazaki was appointed to as a Senior Scientific Research Specialist of Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT).


Collaborated article

Okazaki collaborated on writing an article, “Conversational AI - how Artificial Intelligence ‘understand’ language” in Science Magazine Newton (Sep 2018).


TV coverage

Okazaki received TV coverage from Shinichi Hatori’s Morning Show (TV Asahi).


New member

We welcome a new member, Pedro Henrique Machado Wigderowitz (from York University), as an international visiting student of ACAP.


JSAI Best Paper Award

A paper co-authored by Okazaki received the 2017 JSAI Best Paper Award.


Talk at SSII 2018

Okazaki gave a talk at an organized session “multimodal deep learning” of the 24th Symposium on Sensing via Image Information.


Media coverage

An article about Asahi Shimbun, with which Okazaki cooperates as an advisor, appeared on June 1 at Weekly ASCII.


New Research Project

Our research proposal was accepted by National Institute of Information and Communications Technology (NICT)


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