Papers at EMNLP 2020

We have papers accepted at the EMNLP 2020.


Paper at AACL-IJCNLP 2020

We have a paper accepted at the AACL-IJCNLP 2020.


AiTech Seminar: Kento Watanabe

We held an AiTech Seminar with guest speakers, Kento Watanabe from National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST).


AiTech Seminar: Masahiro Kaneko

We held an AiTech Seminar with guest speakers, Masahiro Kaneko from Komachi Lab, Tokyo Metropolitan University.


Winning VMT Challenge 2020

Our team T&T won first place in the Video-guided Machine Translation (VMT) Challenge 2020, held by the workshop on Advances in Language and Vision Research (ALVR), ACL 2020.


Paper at SemEval 2020

We have two papers accepted at the SemEval 2020.


Laboratory Tour [Updates]

We will hold online meetings of Question Time (May 16) and Laboratory Tour (May 30) in conjunction with Laboratory Orientation and the 2nd Round of School Orientation, School of Computing.


Laboratory Tour

We will hold a virtual laboratory tour as part of the 1st Round of Orientation, School of Computing (in Japanese).


Papers at ACL 2020

We have four papers accepted at the ACL 2020.


Announcement about Laboratory Orientation

This is to inform of laboratory orientation for those who are considering entering or going to enter the Department of Computer Science.


New members

We welcome new members, Hiroki Iida(doctor course), Daisuke Taniguchi(B4), Yuki Maruyama(B4), Keisuke Miyazaki(B4), and Yuki Wahira(research student).


Awards at JNLP 2020

We received a Young Researcher Award and a Language Resource Award in the 26th annual meeting of the Association of Natural Language Processing (NLP 2020).


AiTech Seminar: Kyosuke Nishida

We held an AiTech Seminar with guest speakers, Kyosuke Nishida from NTT as part of RWBC-OIL seminar.


Farewell Party

We held a farewell party for Lars-san at the communication space on the sixth floor.


Papers at LREC 2020

We have two papers accepted at the LREC 2020.


Laboratory Tour

We will hold laboratory tour events.


Year-End Party

We held a year-end party and welcome party for Wiem-san at Toitoitoi.


Presentations at AI 2019

We presented one paper at the Australasian Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence (AI 2019) held in Adelaide, Australia.


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