Presentations at JSAI 2024

We have a paper presented at JSAI 2024 held from May 28th to 31st in Shizuoka, Japan.


Paper at ACL 2024

We have a paper accepted at ACL 2024.


AiTech Seminar: Prof. Timothy Baldwin

Prof. Timothy Baldwin from MBZUAI visited our lab and presented a guest talk.



New members

We welcome new members, Hinari Shimada (master course), Taihei Shiotani (master course), David Pohl (master course), Koshiro Saito (B4) and Yukinari Takahashi (B4).


Welcome and Farewell Party

We held a welcome and farewell party at a rental space in KURASU Building.


Graduation Ceremonies 2023

Graduation Ceremonies were held. Iida-san got her doctoral degree, Trang-san, Loem-san, Hirai-san, Ishikawa-san, and Maeda-san got their master’s degrees, and Wata-san, Ohi-san, and Kato-san got their bachelor’s degrees.


Awards at JNLP 2024

We received 2 Best Paper Awards and 5 Young Researcher’s Encouragement Awards at the 30th Annual Meeting of the Association of Natural Language Processing (NLP 2024).


New members

Jonathan Manz joined our lab as an international visiting student of ASPIRE League program.


Paper at LREC-COLING 2024

We have 4 papers accepted at LREC-COLING 2024.


Graduation Ceremonies 2023

Graduation Ceremonies were held. Mizuki-san got his doctoral degree.


New member

Sakae Mizuki-san joined our lab as a researcher.



Large Language Model Released: Swallow

We released Swallow, a large language model developed jointly with Yokoda lab.


Scheduled AiTech Seminar: Prof. Roberto Navigli

Prof. Roberto Navigli from Sapienza University of Rome will visit our lab to present a guest talk on Dec. 25, 2023.


Paper at AAAI 2024

We have a paper accepted at AAAI 2024.


Year End Party & Farewell Party

We held an year-end party (as well as the farewell party for Sakae Mizuki-san and Junyoung Lee-san) at ROTONDA, Jiyugaoka.


AiTech Seminar: PKSHA Technology

PKSHA Technology visited our lab and presented a guest talk.


Interview with Asahi Shimbun

Professor Okazaki and Kaneko-san had an interview with Asahi Shimbun about Gender Bias of ChatGPT.


Tokyo Tech Festival

Thank you for joining our exhibition in Tokyo Tech Festival!


Interview with Nikkei

Professor Okazaki and Koike-san had an interview with Nikkei about AI Misinformation.


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