Paper and Award at IPSJ-SIGNL

Tatsuya Hiraoka presented a paper at the 242nd meeting of Special Interest Group of Natural Language Processing (IPSJ-SIGNL), and received the young researcher’s encouragement award.

This is the presented paper.

  • 平岡 達也, 高瀬 翔, 内海 慶, 欅 惇志, 岡崎 直観. RNNによる遷移確率計算を用いた隠れマルコフモデル. 第242回自然言語処理研究会, 2019-NL-242(2), pp. 1–6, 2019年10月.

The encouragement award is given to young researchers who had an excellent research presentation at each IPSJ-SIGNL meeting.